The origin

The story began in 2014, H.G.B started up from a research laboratory, an experimental factory producing health care products special for specialist doctors.
After 5 years of extensive experience, we begin to extend the factory and develop various brand name specialties to respond to the need for special health care, according to the specific demand from the pharmacist, doctors from clinics and home consumers. However, our root always originates from the family research laboratory, longing to the development of quality products, with recognized value, and enduring beauty.

        The story of time and devotion

Originating from a family company, we transform our special working environment into a common home, where we develop ourselves and make sincere relation faithful with inner staff and external partners and clients.

Since the beginning, we passionately work, longing to produce high quality products, warranted by sciences, and expressing our distinctive behavior and spirit. These are the products carrying the core value of Oriental Medicine standardized and adapted to Western Medicine: Safety – Effectiveness – Quality – Modernity – and Distinction.

The Heart & Soul of H.G.B

Vietnamese culture, customs, and people truly inspire us. Above all is the passion to conserve the value of local medicinals, to find out the how to harmonize Oriental Medicine with Western Medicine in order to conserve the enduring value of traditional medicine? The product formula consists in the harmonic combination between traditional medicine and modern technology, the essence of the nature and the precision of sciences, HEART – TALENT – BEAUTY, balance and harmony between inner and external beauty to create a stable beauty.
The philosophy of H.G.B. is oriented to balance and durable development. To eradicate the core pathologic cause: To re-establish the ying – yang balance for the body; reinforce physical health, and improve balanced and healthy life style. Therapeutic principles and raw materials with traditional properties, but standardized according to modern style, to bring the products closer to the dynamic and healthy life style.
With the utmost aspiration, passionate devotion, we always try to produce the best products, safe for the environment, using the best natural materials, applying modern technology to ensure safety for our clients. The quality of the products, services, value devoted to the community, spiritual value devoted to clients, all these constitute the guide for all our activities.
At H.G.B, we dare to what we believe, instead of imitating the majority, we find ourselves our own pathway, do the best for our clients, for nature, for a better and more human life. This helps us to get the freedom to develop the concept and effective, original products, able to emotionally connect with everybody. Our work consists of the deep balance between quality and style, nature and science, body and soul. It is a start-up journey to create a stable beauty for life.


Our objective is to conserve and develop health care and beauty care products, according to the Oriental Medicine principles of balance and stability. We like the mission of ameliorating the quality of life, helping rural women with work, and by our product value, inspiring and transmitting our message to the community.